thermal spray welding

anyone know of some learning sources on this type of welding
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Pete Sampogna
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Hey Pete, The AWS Welding book has it and also, they have information specific to the TSP discipline. Check here.
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or more to the topic directly:
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Very cool process on some of the stuff I work on. I farm it all out - Not like I want to worsen a 5k crankshaft.
Ever since I joined (The AWS)I have been getting a lot of media and a LOT better at my welding. Best money I ever spent on my edumacation since kollege and hooked on phonics did not work for me!
Fraser Competition Engines Chicago, IL.
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Thermal Spray Welding is a surfacing process to provide resistance to heat, wear and corrosion. The surfacing material (usually in powder form, but can be in wire form) is introduced into a gas combustion, electric arc, or plasma torch where it is turned into a molten state, atomized and accelerated to a high velocity using some gas under pressure, then sprayed onto the surface being coated, similar to airbrush painting. Thermal Spray Welding is sometimes called Thin Film Application. Equipment is specialized and expensive; hence, usually found only in industry and in educational institutions.
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offers a basic self study course.
For anything more advanced, you will have to find an eductional institution that teaches welding engineering, for example: University of Wisconsin:
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