tig cast aluminum drawer pull???

I have a small cast aluminum drawer pull that a friend has asked me to weld back together. It's a clean break, but I'm not sure if i can use my Tig to weld it up. Anone have any suggestions? This is an old, impossible to find pull..we've looked for it and it does not exist.



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Jamie Arnold (W)
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Could you glue it together and hand it to a metalcaster to be used as a master for a mould?


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You can use Tig on cast Al. You just need the right filler. 356 is a decent all around filler for cast Al. If it's not very critical you can sometimes get by with 4043. Cast is very tricky because it's very porous. Clean it really good and only use as much heat as you need to get good fusion. Good luck!


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Thomas A.Dixon

Without a picture I can't really answer that. If it is a weldable alloy, then yes it could be welded.

I have done many repairs like that to old hardware, light fixtures and statues.

I think my toughest challenge was repairing an Emmy award that had snapped off at the ankle of the statuette.

You will need to treat it just like any other casting.

If you can, drill some small holes fromthe backside of the pull, so you can embed some stainless steel pins that will bridge the break.

Then bevel both edges of the break so you have a V-groove to lay in your weld.

The pins should keep the 2 pieces aligned.

Use 4047 filler if you can find it.

4043 is OK in a pinch , but is not as good.

Small welds, at the lowest heat possible, and get prepared for small explosions as you hit impurities and air pockets in the casting.

You might want to try some of the low temp aluminum soldering rod. The "Miracle" rods they sell all over he place, do have their place. They are mostly zinc, but they fall into the same category as super-glue, duct tape, bailing wire and vise-grips.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

I think you sent me some 4047 a while back.

This piece is so small it would be very difficult to pin it. It's only about 3/16 in diameter.

Good idea on the wonder rod stuff. I might try that!

Thanks to everyone.


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James Arnold

A 1/16" SS pin should be easy to do and would really help.


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Ted Edwards

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