Trailer tongue tool box question

These guys make all kinds of stuff for towing. Mostly import, though. It looks like the catalog is down right now, so check later. I've installed the stainless boxes before. Beware the only polished surface is the door.

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John L. Weatherly
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I need a toolbox on my welding trailer, and have found out that they make odd shaped ones for trailer tongues. I am very limited on my side spaces, one side of the welding trailer being taken up by a very handy table made of plate. I suppose I COULD run a standard rectangular one down the other side, but think that the O2 and propane tank would fit better there.

That leaves me with the tongue. I'm not going to carry a lot, but am wondering about tongue weight. I'll probably get another screw jack for the front, as this one has no dolly wheel, is light, and is welded in the wrong place. Anyone have any luck with these? Any brand name suggestions? Stamped plate or white? Aluminum? It's gotta be a good one and seal tightly.



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You're a welder, right? Build one that fits! :)

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Rick Barter (rvb)

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