high freq for dc250 lincoln

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I have a dc250 lincoln cc/cv welder that i'd like to hook up a K799 or
older "high freq" unit on for TIG. But while looking at an owner's
manual for a Lincoln "high freq" arc starter it said something about
needing a bypass capacitor kit for the welder. I was wondering if
anybody could enlighten me about this. I thought all i needed was the
arc starter at first but now i'm not sure. Also how would i tell if
the welder had this kit already, if in fact i do need it. Any help or
comments would really be appreciated. Thanks

Re: high freq for dc250 lincoln
Not familiar with the Lincoln setup but my older Miller 330 TIG /Stick
machine has a by-pass Cap. that prevents the high freq./ high voltage from
getting back into the relays and transformer , in other words you want the
start circuit to be isolated from the welder internals and just go to your
work piece , will probably need to get the drawings and check things out .
Best Wishes Phil
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Re: high freq for dc250 lincoln
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Thanks Phil, I guess i'll take a look at the schematics for the welder
and see if i can tell if it needs the capacitor kit or not.Or maybe
i'll just scratch start for now,until i convince my wife i need a new
inverter setup.
Thanks for your help.

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