Thanks for all the replies, I have decided to mount a servo in each wing. Now the nearest one to the size I think I need is a Futaba S3107 the dimensions are .9"X.4"X.8" the total width of my wing is 7 3/4" and the width of the aileron is

2 1/4w X 9 1/2 L my wing at the thickest point is 1 1/16" so the distance from servo to the control horn on the aileron would be some where between 2 1/2 to 3". I've seen a lot of guys just glue the servo in flat ways and drop the control arm out the bottom of the wing. Now this brings another question to mind. Will a standard control arm be long enough to drop out the bottom of the wing? And thanks again for everyone's replies and consideration.


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Raymond Giddens
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Ted shuffled out of his cave and grunted these great (and sometimes not so great) words of knowledge:

1st, you may want to look at Hitec 85BB (42 oz@4.8 volts ) and/or Bluebird BMS-308MG servos (50 oz@4.8 volts, .5 oz weight) (Balsa Products
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also. I believe you will find them smaller, lighter, just as powerful and noticably less expensive than the Futaba servos. I have used both types with absolutely no problems.

As to the control arm issue. I glue a piece of 3/16 lite ply to a piece of sheeting cut to fit the hole. After positioning the servo where I want it on the hatch cover, I mark the location of the servo and epoxy 2 pieces of 1/4"square basswood 1/2" long to the ply to attach the servo to. Then I mark the location of the servo arm and the length of the opening I will need and use a #11 blade to cut the opening out (about 3

- 4 minutes ). The hatch cover I attach with 4 screws to some 1/4" square basswood previously installed under the sheeting. I have used this setup on several scale planes and on some high performance sport models and have had no failures with the set up (The sport models do about 75 - 80 mph ). When you remove the cover, the servo comes with it.

Hope this is of some help.

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Ted Campanelli

"Ted Campanelli" wrote

Also, don't forget to leave a tube of paper, or something, to pull the wire through the wing.

Think about which way they both are going to be rotating.

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