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For kits I didn't build or finish...damn fires. This time it's the old
portly (okay obscenly heavy) Berkely Grumman Guardian AF-2S carrier
p.s. must be insane.
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Anyone that flies toy airplanes passes that test right up front, before even buying or building anything, Keith.
But, misery loves company, so we're glad you're "one of us".
Ed Cregger
P.S. Even if you're not a baby boomer.
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Ed Cregger
I would postulate that anything that can kill or maim you is not a toy and should NEVER be taken lightly. I've got the scars running the length of my hand from a rock maple prop ( MA 10-6 beautifully balanced) to prove my point.
I suppose we've got jackets? I really need to knuckle under and join the local chapter here in Cut Bank. One member is restoring an old link trainer.
I consider myself gen WHY not gen X. Why they gotta keep spending stupid. Why, why, why WHY! ;^) Yeah I was/am the kid that asked the uncomfortable questions. Like "Why are you letting politics get in the way of solving the problem".
I'll keep looking even if I don't know where to look next. The Berkely kits was the AF-2S which was half of the pair the Navy flew the other was the AF-2W and carried the BAR (Big Assed Radar) on the belly. It was a Hunter/Killer ASW team. -- Keith
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