AMA Bylaws VOTE !

Hello ALL,
As a leader member of the AMA,
you will soon be sent a ballot to consider an AMA Bylaws change to
TERM LIMITS for AMA Executive Council membership..
I would like to share my feelings that the ""unintended consequences
of a YES vote""
while on the surface seems sound, this bylaws change would take the
representative selection away from the MEMBERSHIP and is not in the
long term interest and good of the AMA.
It would give the selection of your representative over to the in
house AMA politicks...
It is my TRUE FEELINGS that such a bylaws change would not be in the
best interest of the AMA nor the majority of the membership...
PLEASE review this ballot in light of all its consequences....
Best regards,
Dr.Sandy Frank
phone: 765-212-2340
AMA Life Member/Membership in the Grade of Fellow
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I think that I would tend to agree with this, but, to be more effective it might be better if you or someone else more fully elaborate the reasoning behind this. I will try to do so now.
(1) Term limits may tend to force the best qualified and most experienced person from holding the position.
(2) If we applied term limits to both houses US congress we would be stuck with a bunch of newbie's that don't know what they are doing running things.
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Peter Olcott
As opposed to the people that are up there now???
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David Hopper
Quote: Originally Posted by Dadstoysbg As a leader member myself I have serious reservations myself. I would like someone to give me both the pros and cons on the subject. When the ballot come I'll have to give it a lot of thought. Dennis
I can give you ""both the pros and cons on the subject""
but you already know where I stand...
PLEASE be SURE that when others give you
"both the pros and cons on the subject"
you do know where they stand...
this bylaws ballot was WRITTEN by those that SUPPORT IT..
and you will not see the opposition when you read it...
PLEASE LOOK at WHY those that support it do so??
please look for the underlie-ing meanings
and unintended consequences...
look at WHO would benefit from TERM LIMITS???
the VOTERS???? who would loose their choice...???
this has the possibility to DO what the voters would NOT do nor want!!!
(it is the only way that the supporters can get their way...against the voters)
Voluntary TERM LIMITS YES I did it to ME!!!
but a bylaws choice to overturn what the majority MAY want is just WRONG !!!
PLEASE look who wins and looses via this bylaws change!!!
Sandy Frank ph: 765-212-2340
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it is called the VOTERS and their VOTE...
this would REMOVE THIS !!!
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And the one who has learned to manipulate things to his/her advantage as in DC?
As it is now, a well meaning person is sent to DC and corrupted by the v eteran politicians. The original intent of our founders was that our representatives in DC would serve their term and then go home and take care of their business.
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For once we agree upon something, Dr. Frank. I knew it would happen eventually.
While I do not like the system of "good old boys" that limits our choice of nominees, I would like it even less to have the membership's voting privileges artificially limited by a term limit rules change.
Ed Cregger AMA #73846
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Ed Cregger
as the unintended consequences are BIG
( and can not be FIXXED)
and where needed the voters can do the deed...
( and FIX any problem)
this TERM LIMITS is just WRONG...
please do not let this be considered as the USA Congress...
the VOTER HAS TERM LIMITS there also...
think it over WHO gets WHAT with TERM LIMITS ???
do the membership voters???
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many relate this to the USA congress and District 5
which it IS NOT...
if the representative is in NEED of replacement the voters can and will do IT...
it has been done OFTEN
G.Aldrice unseated Gene Hemple
as did Andy Argenieo and Bill Oberdike...
someone else related the following:
Say the incumbent happens to be doing a great job, but has completed his 3 terms, then along comes some jerk that gets himself nominated and is the sole nominee. You will have to accept the jerk regardless of how qualified he may be.
Our representatives should be voted in as well as out.
Best regards,
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On Sat, 21 Feb 2009 08:51:07 -0800 (PST) remarked:
The real problem is getting people to be involved enough to know whats going on in this organization and getting them to vote. It does no good to have a good candidate running in an election if not enough members vote.
Too many people go "ewww, politics, I don't want anything to do with that.". When what they should do is be informed and vote. Communicate with the people in the EC. Hard for the executive council to do what the membership wants if the membership doesn't communicate well. There's no excuse for not communicating in this day and age. E-mail is free or inexpensive, long distance is inexpensive these days. 42 cents for a stamp is not too much either. If you don't want to take the time to communicate with those that can take action, then don't whine about it elsewhere.
There, I've had mt rant. I will go now.
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Vance Howard
They KNOW what they are doing, you haven't figured it out yet. Maybe you will when the income tax rate breaks 50% again. More taxes to make the economy healthier is the mantra.
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Judging by what has NOT been said here, it appears that there may be two or more factions within the current AMA leadership with differing views, and one side is trying to gain control through the tactic of term limits. What would be more helpful is an open discussion of the real underlying issues, with both sides being presented. This would allow the membership to make a truly informed choice.
I would encourage the AMA leadership to put their faith in the general members and take the risk of an open airing of the issues.
Randy Maheux
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Personally I am just an interested member...
a previous EC member but no longer...
I am NOT A DOG in this HUNT !!!
but please look who gains and who loses via TERM LIMITS...
do the members have a bigger say or is it taken away from them???
it the PAST when I was a DOG in the MAY have been different..
but now as just a member I seek what is in the best interest of the membership...
please read this ballot VERY CLOSE and YOU CHOOSE what is in the BEST INTEREST of the membership !!!
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"Six_O'Clock_High" yet. Maybe you will when the income tax rate breaks 50%
Yes but if they had term limits then the average congressman might not know enough to not start World War III (Armageddon).
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Peter Olcott
I would have no idea who gains or how to look for who gains. I don't know any of the issues. All that I currently know about AMA is that they send me a magazine, and provide insurance. If you want people to make informed choices in this matter it is up to you to inform them.
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Peter Olcott
ONLY leader members will be sent ballots in this
please advise if you are a leader member and I will PM you..
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On Sun, 22 Feb 2009 13:20:03 -0800 (PST) remarked:
That's a problem too. Here you are complaining about term limits taking control of the EC away from the membership and they are only going to send these ballots to a select elite. That's rich. If they really want membership participation, then they can't exclude some of the members because they weren't elite enough to be classified as a "leader member".
Why don't you stop beating around the bush and explain this to everyone right here. There should be no "secrets" among the AMA membership or between the members and the EC.
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Vance Howard
Sniff, sniff . . . I smell skunks in the air.
Can anyone else smell a class action lawsuit? The AMA belongs to ALL of its members. -- Ray
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Ray Haddad
Ray, Contrary to your views, I don't think 'giving' the AMA to guys who only show up to fly and are never involved in any of the actions many take to protect our flying sites, prepare them for use, or maintain them is a good or healthy idea.
The Leader Member has proven to someone at some time a greater than average dedication to the hobby and the AMA. That class of membership is defined in the constitution and thereby is legal. The trick is to convince others that YOU are dedicated enough to be a Leader Member. I think those are the folks who should decide some of the more significant internal rules of how we govern ourselves.
Is this idea of term limits for the AMA a good one? I don't know. Does Dr. Frank have a valid argument? Again I don't know and I doubt he will tell me. I am studying the issue. In general I am dedicated against term limits in all applications I have seen. Typically what I have seen is then only the non elected bureaucrats know what is going on and they soon learn to misrepresent, miss state, or plain outright lie, to get what they want; public be damned.
Jim Branaum AMA 1428
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YES they can and will !!!
"""then they can't exclude some of the members because they weren't elite enough to be classified as a "leader member""""
only ""leader member"" vote on bylaws changes...
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