AMA Nationwide Membership Drive 2009

AMA Nationwide Membership Drive 2009
Goal: To utilize/involve the Academy=92s largest outreach component=97the
membership=97to recruit new members for the AMA so more people can
participate in the fun of flying model airplanes.
Time Frame: April 1-September 14, 2009.
Methodology: Train, equip, and challenge the Academy=92s leadership with
the knowledge and materials that will encourage and empower the
average AMA member to recruit new members.
Relationships to other AMA membership-development programs: The
Bringing Modelers Together Challenge replaces no current AMA
membership-development program. All prizes and awards that are
currently in effect will be honored in addition to the new incentives
developed for this effort.
Membership Drive: This effort will center on a competition between the
following groups to sign up the highest number of new members*.
Awards/ recognition will be given to the highest producer in each
Club to Club: The highest number of new members* gained through the
efforts of the club. Does not require that new members join the local
club, but it is greatly encouraged. Calculations are based on new
membership applications*
with a club-orientation designation noted
from April 1 through September 15, 2009.
There are five subdivisions for clubs in this competition: Small,
membership of 5-10; Medium, membership of 11-24; Large, membership of
25-49; X Large, membership of 50-99; XX Large, membership of 100 or
1. Recognition in MA/Park Pilot and all Web sites as the top-producing
club in each respective category.
2. Brick in AMA =93Walk of Fame=94 in new club-recognition section
denoting club winner for 2009.
3. AMA banner and plaque proclaiming that =93TBA club signed up the
largest number of AMA members in 2009.=94
4. Waived recharter fees for 2010.
5. Cash award of $500 to club.
District vice presidents are encouraged to develop a corresponding
intradistrict =93Bringing Modelers Together Challenge=94 program, with
recognition and awards within their respective districts, to encourage
The AMA will develop support materials that can be used by AMA vice
presidents, AMA associate vice presidents, AMA Leader Members, and
AMA=92s general membership to recruit new members from April 1-October
2, 2009.
Materials/Actions Needs:
1. Program-announcement materials and communications to AMA leadership
and members.
2. AMA application forms.
3. FAQs sheet on membership recruitment.
4. Poster suitable for club bulletin board, announcing the =93Bringing
Modelers Together Challenge.=94
5. Online registration to allow a sponsor/referring member or club to
be recorded/tracked.
Time Line:
1. ASAP: Presentation to Executive Council, using a teleconference
call, of concept and components.
2. Early February: Program-announcement materials and communications
to AMA leadership and members developed.
3. MA/Park Pilot and all Web site announcements developed and placed
in April, May, June, July, August, and September issues.
4. Monthly: Reports of membership challenge progress by all divisions
reported in MA/Park Pilot and all Web sites in April, May, June, July,
August, and September issues.
5. March: Mail materials to all clubs.
6. March: Push e-mail to all members.
7. March: Push e-mail to all associate vice presidents.
8. April, May, June, July, August, and September: Reminder push e-mail
to all members and associate vice presidents with status-report
9. October: Calculate and notify winners in each division.
Announcement made at October Executive Council meeting.
10. January 2010: Recognition of winners at January Executive Council
11. January 2010: Begin planning for the 2010 membership drive.
Note: The Membership Department supervisor has the final say if there
are questions about whether or not a particular application counts
toward this promotion.
* AMA $1 Youth Memberships are ineligible for this promotion.
Approved by Executive Council telephone meeting February 9, 2009. Q
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Here, Sandy. Let me fix this post for you:
Leader Members want you to know:
1. That Leader Members are far superior to ordinary members.
2. Leader Members are here to care for you and make decisions for you.
3. Only Lleader Members are equal to the task of making and changing rules for you. Obey or die.
4. Leader Members will nurture you in your hobby. Just send the Leader Members your money.
5. In order to prosper, Leader Members need MORE MEMBERS so please participate in this membership drive for 2009 by joining and sending the Leader Members your money. Leader Members will pretend that Leader Members are tearfully grateful for your efforts. That is, until the next issue that requires you to comply to some ridiculous new rule comes up. Then the Leader Members will completely ignore you and even look down on you as the Leader Members do whatever they want.
Welcome to the Leader Members' Club, otherwise known as the AMA.
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Ray Haddad
So Ray, What's your solution to the problem? Ed F.
Reply to
Ed Forsythe
How many members do you have to recruit before you qualify for diamond direct?
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger
Return the AMA to its members. All of them. -- Ray
Reply to
Ray Haddad
On Wed, 11 Mar 2009 04:43:24 +0900 Ray Haddad remarked:
Exactly what I've been gripping about. If you want to get involved in the operations of and making of bylaws of the AMA, you've got to jumps through hoops and pay an extra fee to become a "Leader Member".
If you want people to get involved with the organization, then don't make it hard to do so. I don't know any leader members locally, I'm not an administrator, politician, or scientist, and my district VP is a dead end street. He makes noises about not liking the "leader Member" status to get involved, but he won't do anything about it.
The low life "regular" members can get a petition signed by 20 AMA members to get a bylaw change proposal put before the EC. A member of the EC can also propose a bylaw change. But what's the use, I know that a bylaw to eliminate the leader member status requirement to have a say on bylaws and further involvement in the AMA would never be ratified by the leader members. They wouldn't want to give up their "status"of being better than low life "regular" members.
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Vance Howard
A lofty goal Ray. I'm not aware that the AMA could not be controlled by it's members any more so than any democratic legislative body. We elect our reps to represent us. Obviously they can't please us all so they must use their judgment to do what's best for the majority of members. An increasingly difficult task since the "majority" does not get involved enough to express their views. I am satisfied with the AMA's persistence in obtaining and keeping our radio frequencies and in assisting us in retaining, whenever possible, our facilities and our ability to fly. I agree that the organization should be governed (not controlled) in the best interests of the members. Since you appear to have some ideas along those lines I say have at it Ray. Get out there in the trenches and work for what you consider to be worthwhile. You know what has to be done? Lead and some will follow. As for me - I'll hold your coat ;-) - Out! Ed F.
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Ed Forsythe
I was a member many years ago and more than once. The reason was my overseas and continental US residence was very fluid and still is. So, when I need to be a member, I rejoin. When not, I let it lapse.
This is a club we're discussing here not a government body. There's no need for 50k members to have representatives who turn their noses up at the regular members and demand that they not post to threads here on a public forum. Leader members. Right. If you ask me, and you sort of did, they're not leaders at all. They're just snooty about their status which was granted them by, well, leader members.
You hit the nail on the head when it comes to making changes. Since voting rights were ceded to the executives and leader members, you'll never, ever get them back.
FYI, I don't for a minute want you to think I don't like the AMA. Quite the opposite is true. There's no easier way to conform to the rules of being a guest at a flying field than to pull out your current AMA card. -- Ray
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Ray Haddad
Hmmpf, Sounds more like Mary Kay than a hobby club...still no reason to rejoin.
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Returning the AMA to its members (re: Leader Member voting rules changes) would be a great idea . . . . once more than 10% of them show enough interest to get off their butts to vote in elections for EC members.
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Red Scholefield
See? This is part of the problem. It shouldn't matter how many vote. Disenfranchising members is the problem. Not how many of them vote.
The so called Leader Members have taken it upon themselves to pretend they know what's best for people they will never meet. Sad, really. Read the book Animal Farm some day. You'll get a clearer picture. -- Ray
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Ray Haddad
Heh. The AMA unilaterally decided to punish the 10% for what the 90% don't do. The punishment should fit the crime. Instead, they inflicted Leader Members upon everyone! That's cruel and unusual punishment. -- Ray
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Ray Haddad
Never happen. 90 percent of the members only belong so they will have insurance, and the ability to fly at the club fields.
Even then, why worry about how many vote? In US elections, a high percentage never vote, and still that is how representatives are elected, and issues are voted upon.
Oh, wait, am I trying to recommend a good way to run an organization, like our country? I hope not.
Sorry, I lost my head for a minute.
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to combat ---
formatting link
get educated....
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Sandy, learn more about what the AMA was founded upon. Get back to me when you can really lead. You are no longer a Leader Member. I have stripped you of that title forever. Deal. -- Ray
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Ray Haddad
On Wed, 11 Mar 2009 16:03:09 -0700 (PDT) remarked:
That is asinine. Only people who have had administrative experience in the model club, or scientific experience relating to modeling, or those who own a business related to modeling are eligible for leader member status. This cuts out a lot of people who might otherwise be interested in being involved in what goes on in the AMA.
It is this very elitism that I find distasteful. If we don't match those qualifications, we get no say in this organization. That is a load of crap.
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Vance Howard
On Wed, 11 Mar 2009 16:03:09 -0700 (PDT) remarked:
Sandy Frank, you should shut up before you embarrass yourself any further.
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Vance Howard
Am happy to see that you are expanding your education..
Well done!!
keep up the learning...
work on language improvement some also...
it shows education or lack of it........
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Yes, we know, we have seen your posts before.
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Bob Cowell
Well if you can't qualify for Leader Member status you could run for President of the United States - or a seat in congress.
You have plenty of say in the AMA organization if you take the time to vote. It does help to be familiar with the issues facing the organization however. Again, not a requirement to vote for senators, representatives or President.
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Red Scholefield

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