I have been in the AMA since the 50's and have always supported the organization but never became involved in the politics. Oh, there was a little fracas that occurred in Kerrville, Texas about tem years ago, but bygones are bygones. I have had two very unpleaseant experiences in the Past few weeks however that really tick me off and want to bring to the genetal memberships attention. The first has to do with frequency interference at our local field. We have lost several planes recently die to frequency hits at our field and I wrote to the AMA asking for help. About a month later I received an email saying the issue was closed. I had heard NOTHING from them. I wrote back, again describing the probhlem in depth, AGAIN NOTHING. Finally on the third try I received a no answer answer, its not our problem, contact your district rep. I did, and again, NOTHING! The last straw was what the mailman delivered today. A DVD I had not ordered but if I wanted to keep it, I could pay about ten bucks a month to receive these crappy DVDs that I do not want. Now I must mail back this crappy DVD (I assume it is crappy as I did not even bother to watch as I might obligate myself in some manner) back to them and pay the postage! Heaven forbid it gets lost in the monolithic postal system and they send me more of this crap that I don't want.

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That DVD/coin stuff was a pretty hinky deal. I paid for one. Not a bad video but was it worth the price? I had do consider it a donation kinda like the kids that sell stuff for fund raising at school. "good cause" I do like my hobby and the AMA is an advocate for it so I'll pay my dues. About your interference at the field, that's not good. BTDT. Many times there are some Ham radio guys around that can help with that stuff. mk

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Also regarding the dvd you received unsolicited, According to US postal code, it is illegal to send somebody something they didn't ask for, then demand payment for. You could have kept it and not had to pay for it.

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Vance Howard

I hope your frequency problems have been resolved. Sounds like the AMA did give you lousy responses. But AMA is not a police force. What could they have done for you? The 72 mHz frequencies are used under the FCC condition that we accept all outside interference. If someone is violating FCC law (high power, illegal use of frequency) that should be reported to the FCC. If another club within 3 miles is causing interferance, AMA has guidlines for negotiating and testing. Today we have the option of 2.4 gHz that eliminates almost all frequency problems. So I am not clear as to what AMA could have done to help you other than giving you better responses.

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I'm retired from the monolithic Postal System, and it's still the best and most efficient in the world, thank you. If you'd bothered to read the letter that came with the dvd you would have noticed that you did not have to pay for, or return, the dvd. Anything unsolicited that you receive in the mail is considered a gift and you are not required to ever pay anybody anything. I did belong to the AMA but not any more. They had little to offer me as I mostly fly on my own property. C.B.

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Please take another look to see what is offered to YOU and the Hobby/ Sport in general.....

it is FAR more than Liability insurance !!!!!

seek out all here:

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