Anyone got a copy of Aeromodeller magazine for June 1973 ?

If so then I'm trying to find out the flying weight of the "Oini" that
was the free plan and build article. Also if that kind person felt up
to scanning the build article for me that'd be an amazingly great favour
as well (I already have a copy of the plan so don't need that).
Mucho obligado amigos !
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Thanks Kevin I'll bear that in mind, but I'm still hopeful someone here will have the flying weight info. The plans I have now took the best part of 2 months for to arrive from the supplier and I don't want to repeat the process just to gain the build notes. It's only really the weight I want to know, it's a pretty simple build AFAICS.
Thanks again,
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ill ring my dad n see if the collection iv got in his loft are still around ....i know they go back many years before that.
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I am not being sarcastic, but why not just build it as light as possible and see what the weight turns out???
I did this with an electric aerobatic model and to my surprise the thing turned out well under the design weight, when I later found out what it should have been.
Regards KGB
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I am considering making some changes and I want to know how much the designers' model weighed as a benchmark performancewise.
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Buenos Dios Boo,
I have the June '73 Aeromodeller to hand, and will scan the article for you.
I can't find any mention of the all up weight - Aeromodeller plans of that era rarely gave any idea of a finished model's weight - there were/are far too many variables.
Will your e-mail address as it appears on the NG get it to you?
Mine is "munged" - a set up I inherited and can't see any reason to change so far
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Malcolm Fisher

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