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Is anyone familiar with the Schulze isl 6-series chameleon charger. It seems pretty versatile just checking.

Thanks , Steve

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Good product. The instructions are a minefield as they cover other types. I am in the process of rewriting them! John

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Hi, That Schulze isl 6 is about the best deal to make (price/quality-possibility), aspecially that the soft can be upgraded for any new battery-type that will be invented soon. Olivier

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Olivier tx2tx

I'm going to find out in a day or two. On the advice I got in an electric forum, I decided to order one after considering at the GP Triton, the Orbit Microlader etc. A couple of folks said they had one and were very happy with it. They also commented on the manual. I asked the retailer if I needed to know German but he insisted the English manual would make it easy. He said that the Orbit charger would do pretty much everything the Schulze would do and maybe be a little more intuitive to operate, but that he felt the Schulze ultimately had more diverse capability if I was willing to spend the time to get familiar with it. He sold both types so I went with that advice. We'll see!

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M Dennett

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