Can not get RC signal at QGroundControl


I have a three px4fmu v1 ( let's call 1,2,3,) and pixhawk.

Before trying 'Mission planner', fmu boards with IO board can get rc siganl with ppm sume reciever and lemon rx dsm2. Also pixhawk worked with that.

But after I try Mission Planner with fmu v1 1 and 2 with ppm sume reciever and lemon rx dsm2, all board ( fmu 1,2,3, and also fmu 1,2,3, with IObard and pixhawk).

Can ppm sum reciever effected by mission planner?? it just work with mission planner. All my boald work with Mission planner but not wokr in QGC~~~ but i have to use QGC!

Please help..

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