Change of tactics

Looking out of the window and judging that the trees weren't bending enough
to be a problem to fly, the window of opportunity presented itself. However
a major problem was my car is off the road, broke down on Friday.
SWMBO's car !!!
The usual tactic of cups of coffee and generally getting in the way were
failing to work.
Up the"anti"...
Pink Floyd playing on the computer, very loud. Nothing!!
Jam's "A town called Malice".......Nothing
Move to the main Hi Fi with "The Police" "Every breath......"
Suddenly "I know what you're doing. Trying to annoy me. It won't work !!!!"
Just as the "Archer's" was reaching a climatic section, Sting came in with
that great bass line thumping away...
A shout "F**** O** and go flying."
So whether I should thank Sting, or remember persistence does pay off. I did
get to fly.
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