Chargers one big family

hey all,

recently i bought a robbe ultimate (Li). it was actually my second choise. n°1 was the simprop intelli control. A friend is using that one and no complains.

Now after a few hours of learing and charging we noticed that both the charges have lots of common details etc. The more we use them the more it looks they are family.

The beep, the on of period of the fan. De Discharge charge pause between the two steps. both have a 3 button controll. 2 line display.

Can someone confirm this or know other charger of that family.. It makes choises in the future lots easyer.

ripmax has also a lookalike as the intellicontrol but there site is half down at the moment so i dont no the name.

Ps the robbe is cheaper !


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The ripmax stie is up again and the lookalike is mercury ex charger

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Lots of companies sell their products (along with the rights to rename them) to other companies. Those buying companies then "rebadge" the product with their own name and retail it. You see it ALOT in the computer hardware market, and it's not at all uncommon in other products.

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Kevin M

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