Cloud Dancer ARF

Just got a TT Cloud Dancer 40 ARF. It was well packaged and there was no damage. It is all built-up construction covered with UltraCoat. The covering job is excellent. Hinge slots are all cut. I don't think weight is going to be a problem. I haven't weighed the pieces yet, but they feel very light. The fuse weighs almost nothing. The cowl is made of very light plastic and probably won't last long. It has an option for retracts which I won't use. At this point, I am impressed with the quality. I will post again as I put it together.

John VB

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Nice plane and even better with a OS 61SF with slimline pipe. When you get it put together be sure to check for slop in the ailerons.Mine had a bad case of slop and just cut the torque rods and put a servo on each aileron. All was fine then. Great flier and yes it's lite all over. Walt

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