Disreputable on-line hobby parts trader

Summary: Credit card charged. Part not delivered.
Do not buy/order from dbk-hobby.com
I ordered a small part for my TT50 heli engine almost
12 months ago from dbk-hobby.com and had my credit
card debited immediately. I did not receive the part
and when I emailed to check on the progress of the
order I was told that delivery (for a USD 15 part)
would be USD 15 rather than USD 10 I had already paid.
Did I still want the part?
I was able to source the part locally and replied
that it was no longer required.
Some time passed; the credit card statement showed the
relevant debit (including foreign currency conversion
fees) but Good Old Dmitry has not responded to several
demands that he refund the amount involved.
My credit card provider has indicated that too much
time had passed for them to reverse the transaction;
I have no recourse but make this post in the hope that
it may save someone else some grief.
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This company is based in Brooklyn, NY. Maybe a complaint to the NY branch of the BBB is in order. Try this link;
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. Good luck.
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When I worked at Radio Shack, we regularly had credit card inquiry's longer than 1 year wanting a copy of a signed bill to avoid a reversal of charges. I'm very suprised that the cc company wouldn't want to correct this. Was it on a debit card? They usually offer alot less protection. Russ
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I have no idea. It might be that it was an international transaction that there was a problem. My contract with my commercial CC facility seems to imply that transactions might be reversed up to a year after the transaction, although this has not happened (yet) and my provider says (over the 'phone, when I asked) they wouldn't reverse a transaction unless there was good evidence that the charge was improper.
Incidentally, I _did_ give this guy a final 48 hrs notice of my intention to make the post - I'm disappointed there hasn't been more of a fuss about it among the readers of this fine forum.
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