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Good Evening, All, Well, after a 12 year absence from the hobby, I finally jumped back in with my 13 yr old son. Boy, talk about fun!! I thought it was fun when I solo'ed 13 years ago. Watching my boy solo off the cord and all was a thrill. I told him that he was his most dangerous now and he promptly proved me correct!! Well, we are on to my old trainer (Midwesy Aerostar 40) that has been recovered. The darn thing handled 12 years of storage well. I finally got an Ultra Stick 60 up and running with a never run OS SP 60 with a pump and pipe. Talk about a fun plane. I can see myself keeping a stick in the inventory. In fact, my son will probably buy his instructor's

40 stick. Just wanted to drop a quick line and say hello. I look forward to getting to know some of you over the next few months as I post lots of questions. Thanks, Dale Neidhammer
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Welcome back, Dale.

Ed Cregger


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Ed Cregger

Welcome back Dale!!! You guys have fun. Sometimes we forget that's what it's all about. Be a regular visitor here and get a head full of "knowledge" I have

2 gurls and neither one wants to fly. But they like to come and work in the concession stand during Fun Flys. Go figure, could it be cause I pay them?? LOL Eddie Fulmer AMA 63713
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Glad to see you back. You've already noticed a lot of changes since you last flew, most for the best.

Lots of experience in this group (25 years here), and lots of ideas. Plenty of helpful people. Welcome.

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