First Intoduction into RC Planes...

Aight i am just getting into this hobby and i am looking at a few
planes.... I am not looking to build one and have to buy all the extra
parts at the moment because I am sort of strapped for cash... So what
i have have seen at the local hobby shop are the RTF models like the
J-3 Cub by Parkzone and others like the Aerobird series... these are
along the lines i am looking into getting my first plane... because
like i said my budget is around $150-$200 at least for the moment...
so i was looking around the net and noticed some similar J-3 cub
models... i think one of them was made by CClee and was like half the
price of the Parkzone one and i was wondering what you guys thought
about that plane... Oh ya and i forgot to mention i am looking for a
plane that will be able to take of from the ground... thats what i
really want... which excludes some of those other RTF planes i saw
that you had to throw.... i think thats just gay. I mean a plane is
supposed to fly on its own ^_^. Anyways so i was just wondering if you
guys could help me out and tell me some other similar planes like the
Parkzone J-3 Cub that work just as well if not better and are able to
take off and are around that $160(price of the PZ Cub) range.... aight
thanks alot guys for who ever decides to help this newbie ^_^
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On 6/11/2004 6:32 PM Ted shuffled out of his cave and grunted these great (and sometimes not so great) words of knowledge:
If you are taking off from a PAVED SURFACE, you MIGHT get away with some of the RTF electrics. Almost all of them are designed for hand launching. Since you are on a budget, I suggest looking at a Slow Stick. You should be able to get a package made up to stay within your budget.
BE ADVISED: The majority of the RTF electrics out there AND the Slow Stick DO NOT LIKE WIND MUCH OVER 3mph.
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Ted Campanelli

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