FMA Co-Pilot Weird Situation

I have the co-pilot mounted under the wing under the advice from FMA on a Super Sportster (40). On its maiden flight by our test pilot with Co-pilot off, the plane acted very poorly. We tried all sorts of things to get it to settle down: move CG, reduce throes, you name it. On the last flight I told the pilot to take high and I turned the CP on. The plane immediately inverted and flew beautifully. I turned it off, it went bonkers again so we landed it. I took the computer out and we flew again and it flew like a dream. Thoughts, ideas, comments? All ground checks on the CP were done prior and it was definitely OFF.

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It sounds like the CP was in fact on, and overcontrolling the plane - suggest you try reconnecting it AND trying the plane with the CP turned off manually (by the screw slot, not by your radio)

Also, did you try seeing how the CP affected the controls on the ground? eg checking that it corrected in the correct direction?

David - a happy CP owner

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So when you turned the CP on, the plane rolled onto its back and flew great??? Define bonkers. Sounds to me like something is hooked up wrong. My father has an FMA CP on his big stick and it flies fine with or without the CP on.

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