Futaba to PC trainer cable?

Hi all,
After many years away I'm returning to the R/C hobby. I'm looking for a
patch cable to plug my Futaba transmitter (round plug) into my PC
(serial or usb?) to get used to the controls again on a simulator before
heading out into the wild.
I have seen transmitter-to-transmitter cables, but can't find a
transmitter-to-pc cable.
Can anyone tell me where to find one?
-Steve in Phx.
two snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com
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Steve in Phx
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refer to =
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scroll down to = "Buddy Boxes. Servo Leads.Simulators.Interface" in particular "TX 2 TX "
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is considered best source of your info. regards Alan T. Alan's Hobby, Model & RC Links
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Hi Steve,
If you consider to use the free FMS-flight simulator, read this below to choose what interface you will need depending (a.o.) on the operating system of your pc. Anyway, you will have to connect the PPM-OUT signal and the ground of your radio to whatever interface needed for your PC for whatever simulator. Succes, Olivier
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Olivier tx2tx

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