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I need to know how many ribs are under the wings center sheeting? I went to GP web site and found the bal. point to be on the main spar at rib

  1. I can reasonably guess that rib 1 is the center. If rib 3 is at the edge of the sheeting than I'm close to a bal point. If the 2nd rib is at the outside edge of the sheeting than the 15OZ I just put in the tail is a drop in the bucket. I got the plane years age from a guy how was getting out of the hobby. I think he got it at a Pawn shop in Waco. It's a .40 size plane and it's got an Irvine 60 up front(that runs) Anyway, any input is appreciated. mk
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Lightly tap the sheeting with your finger. While tapping, move your finger across the sheeting side to side. You should be able to feel the difference between where ribs are located and where they are not.


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How many ribs are in the wing? why not count from the outside?

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I happen to have this kit in the shop waiting to be built. I pulled the plans to have a look. The first sheet I unrolled did not show the wing, so I can't tell you the number of ribs, but it did have a side view of the fuse which showed the CG. The CG range is 114-139 mm back from the where the wing contacts the fuse. From the rear of the wing, again, where it contacts the fuse, the CG range is 259-284 mm forward. Hope this helps.

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