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Hi all, Been working on the GWS A-10 and had to add several ounces of nose weight to get the balance point near the recommended point. Now the thing weighs something like 20 oz. instead of the 12 or so it calls for... Is it gonna fly? Has anyone else had this problem? What did you do to fix it? The other thing I noticed was the landing gear seems really weak and I'm betting it will be destroyed in the first couple flights, especially if I land it on grass... Any ideas on that one? Thanks.


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I don't have one but I've toyed around with the idea and have read about 'em. The planes can have a somewhat hard time flying because of the turbofans so I think nearly doubling the weight will keep it pretty close to the ground.

You need to move your radio and servos and battery as far forward as possible. You might need to make your own radio compartment farther forward (don't know what radio it was designed for):

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