Info needed re: needle valve problems in Magnum XL30.

I recently fired up a new/old Magnum XL30 four stroke (I've had it for two years but just getting to use it). I remember seeing something here about needle valve problems with this engine, but can't seem to find it. Can anyone out there help me to find this information, or give me first hand information regarding this needle valve problem with the Magnum XL30. Thanks in advance --- Ray

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I have had 2 Magnum 52's both with needle valve problems, I have replaced needle valves and entire carburators. One thing that seemed to help was adding a second 'O' ring to the needle valve. just slip it over the threads and back it up to the shoulder. You may have to get it fromGlobal - I haven't been able to find the correct size o rings in hardware stores.


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I have a Magnum 30 I've been using on a Kadet 25 teaching my daughter to fly. It slowly seemed to loose power and I made needle adjustments which improved this condition for a short time. However it turned out being the rocker arm shaft retention screws. The adjustment screws were tight but the whole rocker assembly had loosened . Came right back to full power after tightening.Worth a look. Hope it helps.

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Ed- I think you've zeroed in on the most likely problem. Apparently decent O-rings just can't be had in China. I've seen a lot of sick, cursed at, and sold for giveaway price Magnum engines that ran like tops after replacing a couple of O-rings.


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