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Not long back I did a graphics job using the little .40 GP "Ultimate" as the
base to make a SOS replica of Jim LeRoy's airshow aerobat, "Bulldog".....
I was really pleased with the outcome, and thought some of you might enjoy
seeing the results of the innovative use of vinyl gfx...
Check it out at the top of
formatting link
a link to a few more snaps of this nice effort.
The builder told me, "One guy thought it was an ARF......" ???? Hmmmm....
Dunno about that just yet........
formatting link

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Bill Fulmer
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Some might say you are tooting your own horn, but they would have to admit notes are sweet!
Great work!
P.S. There is a place for graphics on a "distressed" plane too. Hides the patch on my Fly'n King after a mishap.
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Tom Johnson
Hey Bill,
I have one of the Thunder Tiger "Rare Bear" Bearcats ARFs on order. It's not quite scale decal wise (it's not quite scale at all actually). Any chance I can get a set of 2003 or 2004 Rare Bear decals run off? What would you need? I have a Bob Banka picture pack of the 1999-2000 RB and there aren't too many changes.
Do you have a 3 view drawing of a Bearcat available?
Thanks, you can answer me back channel or on the newsgroup...your choice.
Don Hatten
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Don Hatten
Don, I don't have anything on hand for the "Rare Bear" & no Bearcat 3-views, either.. Yet.....
I'd have to see what's needed, and the sizes.. If the graphics aren't too complex colorwise, I can prolly help...
But... For really complex multicolor stuff, I now have a contact in Indiana who has a hoity-toity machine that can PRINT fuelproof gfx on vinyl, then cut out the finished shape... Not zackly cheap, but really does a nice job...
See the tail graphic on the "Bulldog" at
formatting link
Ain't no way I could do a graphic like that with my setup...
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Bill Fulmer
That ain't Jim or the bulldog in the cockpit :) mk
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Looks really good Bill! Jerry
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