lo lipo nfg?

Building first RC, and with electric motor.
Got everything built, Jeti-20 ESC, HiTec radio/servos, 3S1P 1500mah LiPo's,
etc... The HiTec wiring harness has an on/off switch that I naively thought
turned everything off, and left the battery plugged in. As it turns out the
ESC pulls 25ma 24/7, so the LiPo got drained to 2V (|-
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Live and learn... Leaving the battery plugged in period is a common sense safety issue. The switch could be bad/broken, so even if the switch were supposed to turn everything off, things would be on, ready to respond to any spurious radio signal that happened along.
Let's dispel a couple of myths about LiPolys. They don't fail catastrophically unless sufficiently provoked, first of all. Second, the catastrophic failure is not an "explosion" that will "take your head off." LiPolys will vent flames when sufficiently provoked. If you are monitoring the cells while you attempt to charge them with the bench supply, you will have ample warning. Cells will get hot and swell up before they vent.
You might be able to recover the cells by charging them off your bench supply, but they'll never be quite as good as they were originally.
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Mathew Kirsch
Some progress made - set the bench supply @10V, resistor decade box in series, and limited charge to 20ma - as the battery got healthier, drop the resistance to keep the current up. Checked each cell to make sure they were pretty much equal, and a few hours later at 9V the Apache decided it could finish the job. Like you said, it'll probably never be the battery it could have been (was brand new), but may get some use out of it....
Yep, live and learn, but do it from the other guys screw ups!! d:->))
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