midwest hots II 40 size.

Two years ago, I was given a midwest hots II 40 size... It is a great flying
little plane and flew very nice. Last year, it seemed to fly a bit tail
heavy. When I hold it under the main spar, the tail drops. I have to move my
finger tips about 1/2 inch to the rear.
Can anyone tell me if it should balance on the main spar.? If so, I'll have
to lighten the rear and add a bit of weiht to the front.....
Arne, USA (being in cash in a down market is my third favorite thing)
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Starting point for CG: Measure the width of the wing. Divide that measurement by 4. That's dimension, from the leading edge of the wing is the starting point where the plane should balance. (If the wing is 10" wide, including ailerons, the starting CG point would be 2.5"back of the leading edge.) If the wing is tapered or swept, things get a little more complicated. The Hots II is a great flying plane. Good Luck Bill
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I have used this "CG Calculator" for several projects, and I can truly recommend it
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Some years ago I buildt a Hots from the MAN plans and it came uout a little tail heavy (15 to 20 mm I think). It still flew wery well.
In fact - the Hots is one of a few planes I probably will build a second time. It is really good (or is that just my memory...?)
Erik Sollie Trondheim, Norway
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Erik Sollie
Do you still fly your hots? I have 2 of them and think they fly bette
then most airplanes I've seen.
I wish I could find a kit so I could make templates for the former etc.
I'm glad someone out there appreciates the Hots II! To bad midwes doesn't kit it again... :-
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There's always plans. Check out either the RCM or MAN websites to see which one has 'em.
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Morris Lee

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