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Where there is a will there is a way. I opened my shop one year ago with only $600 and currently growing at a steady pace. Imagine what I could've done if I had several hundred dollars to work with? Right now I have accounts with the big distributors and business is picking up quite well. Although, I do have many advantages that most hobby shop owners won't have. The biggy is that I have a very large county owned flying site 1/8 mile from my shop. Also, there is a skating rink right across the street. The owner loves the idea of having a RC racing between roller hockey and open skating. The main thing I have going for me for RC flying is the ability to provide on-deman flight instruction for all of my newbcomer customers. To add icing on the cake, my instructor has the incredible ability to safely allow anyone to fly just about any type of aircraft that I carry. This way, I can let any customer fly before they buy. You would be surprised at how many people who claim to be not interested suddenly become very much interested once they realize how easy learning to fly RC airplanes and helicopters can really be.

I will be glad to share how this is done with anyone currently running a hobby shop or those who are thinking of eventually doing so. I am quite certain that we can significantly and relatively easily help anyone increase their sales of RC airplanes and helicopters, as the sale of land vehicles seem to take care of themselves.

Joe Bartholomew

1560 Lockport St. Olcott, NY 14126 Tel/Fax: 1-716-778-0471
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