os 120 surpass II with pump

I have bought a used os 120 surpass II with pump. I can not find the manual
from os engines web pages.
Can anybody tell me where can I find it ? or ....Can anybody explain me the
use for the three different nipple there are in the back pump ( especially
one marked as "R" )??
Thanks in advance
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The "R" is the return to the tank.
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Jason Andersen
OS would probably send it to you if you requested it on their site. I have found them most responsive. OTOH, I have a copy that I can send you on line if you drop me an E-mail. It will come as a self contained FAX that you can read/print on any Windoze machine. Regards, Gord Schindler MAAC6694
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Gord Schindler

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