Park Flyer Electric Problem

Hi All,

A guy gave me an RX, motor, battery and servos, Feather size, and told m e to have fun. Then I had to get a kit from Tower, then different covering , etc. I usually fly .60/.46 stuff.

Anyway, can't get the motor to run thru the speed control. Servo's run just fine. Batteries fully charged. Maybe something plugged in wrong? Spe ed control shows which end goes to motor/battery, so that looks good. The RX is a piss ant size, 3 channel, Hitec. Rudder/elevator servos connected to #1 and #2 connections, and they work. Other connection comes from the s peed control. Does it go into #3, or #4?? #4 is labeled as battery. BTW, the TX is a single stick, with what looks like a sliding switch for the th rottle. The stick works the rudder/elevator.

So... how do I connect what at the RX? And how do I tell if the speed c ontrol is hosed, and needs replacing. The motor runs fine when powered dir ectly.

All help and comments will be GREATLY appreciated!


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Your best bet is to get an account with two of the largest RC forums, or and post your questions there. Usenet is basically a dead media. This forum used to have hundreds of messages a week. Now it'd down to a small handful if that.

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