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Jim in NC, these are (poor) pictures of a Dremel battery and charger I found
in a Laundromat I look after. Maybe someone was going to cut into the
machines but they left a battery and charger behind. It says 4.8V on the
If you can use these I will mail them to you at no cost to you. This stuff
is going to waste here in central Texas.
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Nope, sorry, that is an older cordless dremmel that uses a NiCad battery pack. My new found wonderful dremmel a LiPo powered unit, and not compatible with the one you found.
I had one, and it was gutless, and had very poor battery life. I used to have one, and it is only collecting dust, in a bin out in the shop, somewhere.
Thanks for thinking of me, though.
I tried to send you a reply on e-mail to your REMOVEKILLERCHAOS address, but if you had to ping me, I guess you did not get it?
Drop it off at a junior high, or high school, and someone in the science classes or wood shop will be glad to put it to use, I'll bet.
Again, thanks, and take care; Jim in NC
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Or maybe they were using your laundromat and they just left them behind by mistake ?
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