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Over a year ago I bought 4 Seeker II receivers from Polk Hobbies. I kept
two and gave one each to a couple of friends. Two of us installed them and
began flying. Oddly enough those two were both involved in loss of control
incidents that destroyed airplanes. Then the third guy discovered a problem
in the software used in those receivers that appeared to be resetting them
which would cause a loss of control if it occurred in flight. One of the
guys who lost an airplane started a conversation with Polk Hobbies, and the
fellow who found the problem took it over. I shipped all of the receivers
back to Polk Hobbies once and they were returned and showed the same problem
when we tested them. Then my friend spent some time on the phone with Polk
and different things began to happen.
Currently we have one receiver that seems to test well and Polk Hobbies is
trying to tell us that the other three which were returned a second time
after careful testing have no problems. Here is an update that may or may
not be important to you if you happen to use Polk Seeker II receivers. Read
on. This is part of what I saw on RCU. Here is the link:
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Jim Branaum
AMA 1428
Oh do I have some information for all of you. According to Polk Hobby, there
were no problems with the 4 seeker II (8channel) radios my friends and I
bought over a year ago. Both of my friends lost airplanes with these radios.
I was setting up a new airplane, when I notice the "servo glitching"
problems you all have described. I am able to reliably reproduce the problem
at will.
I have talked to Polk Hobbies many times and it seems like they do not like
to listen to customer problems. They asked me to send in my transmitter and
the receiver in question. I also sent them a brief write up on how to
reproduce the problem. Once they saw the problem, they admitted that there
was a problem. They also said they would fix the problem, which they did.
They sent back the transmitter and receiver. The problem was no longer
there. That was 4 months ago. At that time I asked Polk Hobbies what were
they going to do to remedy the problem with the rest of their 6000 installed
base. They told me that they would update the radios as users would send
them in, but they were not going to issue a recall. I thought this was a bit
irresponsible, so I contacted my District AMA VP. He referred the matter to
someone in Muncie, but I never heard anything since. I just recently sent in
the other 3 receivers for them to "fix" the glitch problem in their
firmware. I just got a call today from their technician asking me what
problems I was having with the receivers, since they could not find anything
wrong with them. I told them to go talk to their sales manager that he would
know what I was talking about. To my surprise, he did not remember anything
about the problem. After a few minutes of going back and forth, I finally
jogged his brain. He remembered (and his engineers also remembered at the
same time) the issue and the fix. They told me they would update my
receivers and that was the end of the conversation.
The following is a write-up on how to reproduce the problem. The problem
only exists on negative shift radios (i.e. futaba, hitec, etc) and according
to Polk Hobbies the problem does not exist on the higher end of these brands
(i.e. 9, 12 and 14 channel futaba transmitters).
Sorry for the delay. I have boxed up one of my transmitters (Futaba super
>7) with a connected transmitter battery, one of the Polk seeker II
>8-channel receivers >and a charger. To see the problems, do the following: >

>1. Hook up at least 4 servos. More would allow you to see all what all the
>channels are doing, but the effect can be seen with four. The problem can
>also be >seen without the servos if you watch the signal LED on the
>receiver, but the full effect comes with the servos.
>2. Turn on Transmitter.
>3. Plug in a receiver pack to the receiver.
>4. Move both sticks to full upper/right locations. One or more of the
>servos will begin to twitch and the others will not hold position (but will
>return to the >position if moved). If this for some reason is not
>happening, check the gear switch (channel 5, on the left side above the
>trainer switch) toggling it should make >the problem happen.
>5. Once you have observe the problem, try the following (all while holding
>the two sticks to the upper/right corners):
>a. Moving switch 5 on and off. The problem should go and come as you toggle >the switch.
>b. Leave switch 5 in the "problem" position and move the flap dial (on the
>left of the display) again the problem should go and come and also will
>attenuate >the point at which the sticks need to be moved for the problem >to begin.
>c. Leave switch 5 and dial 6 in the original problem locations and move the
>channel 7 dial, again as with the channel 6 dial, the problem will appear
>and >disappear depending on the dial position.
>6. If you have any problems reproducing the problem, please call me on my
>cell phone XXXXXX any time of day.
>Keep in mind that I have reproduced this problem using several different (3
>or more) negative shift radios on different channels. I have also tested
>this on 8 >different Polk seeker II (8-channel) receivers with the same >results.
Make sure that all servos are moving in the same direction (channels 1 thru
6 or 7) and I believe it is counter clockwise, but that may be different
depending on the brand of servo. They tried to tell me that it could be the
servo causing the problem. Notice how the servos are glitching and then look
at the LED on the receiver, notice anything? Well, unplug all the servos and
put the sticks back into the position that produces the problem and you will
notice that the LED still flashes in the same manner it did with the servos
If you have crashed while using a seeker II radio, you may want to contact
AMA and then Polk Hobbies. They will deny any problems. If you have crashed
while flying seeker II radios and a negative shift transmitter and caused
property damage or injured someone (whether you have been sued or not) you
NEED to contact AMA about this issue. Polk claims that there are no issues
reported with their receivers, but it took more time to register to search
this forum than it did to find this thread.
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