Polk's Seeker receivers

For what it's worth...I just received a couple of the 8 and 6 channel
Seeker receivers from Polks...priced right and bench tests are very
good..using either Hitec, JR or Futaba. My only complaint would be
the very thin wire used for the antenna... I plan to test fly them
this weekend... both are dual conversion and once locked on the
particular transmitter they were set on..they stay there until
re-programmed. This type of receiver and the synthesized transmit
modules (Hitec had one, Futaba just started shipping theirs and JR
just announced theirs, too)(and I have one of the Polks Tracker 3
systems on back order as well. It holds 100 plane setups and has a
built in scanner...and comes with receiver, battery pack and one
servo..odd, just one servo...oh, well...and the transmitter will work
any FM PPM receiver....the whole thing is $250...and as soon as I test
fly these receivers in my old trainer test plane I will post on this
link...and when I get the transmitter set next month I will post my
findings on it. If anyone else if flying these, I think we all would
like to hear your findings.
Regards to all...
Frank Schwartz AMA123
79 years young..still building and flying...been doing it 69
years...fun, fun, fun.....
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Frank Schwartz
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Ted shuffled out of his cave and grunted these great (and sometimes not so great) words of knowledge:
I have a Tracker II and really like it. I think you will enjoy yours very much. The Seeker receiver I received with my Tracker works quite well. I have not noticed any problems at all with it.
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Ted Campanelli
Hi Frank, nice to see your name pop up. Hope you got your Multicharge
fired up. RCMW project from last year. I would very much like to hea from you again, tried contacting you recently but mail returned.
Would you be so kind as to get in touch with me, it's a related matte regarding receivers. Looking forward to your e-mail if possible.
kindest regards, John Whitehea
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john whitehead
Attn: John Whitehead. I tried sending you a message email but it came back. Kindly send me you email address at snipped-for-privacy@bellsouth.net and I will send you the message that was returned as unsendable. Frank
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Frank Schwartz
Good luck with your Tracker III (whenever you get it) because the Tracker II was a piece of crap. I put up with it's very basic limitations for about a month before I got rid of it and went with a Multiplex EVO which is everything (and more) that Polk's claims the Tracker to be (NOT!). I don't see where Polk's has specifically addressed the shortcomings of the Tracker II so I'm skeptical that the Tracker III will be much better. The Seeker, however, is a really nice receiver, and it's been rock solid for me for over a year. When I need more receivers, I'll probably go with additional Seekers unless I need more channels than they offer. I calls 'em like I sees 'em; the good AND the bad.
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Mr. Schwartz,
I am half your age and I hope I still have all my facilities by the time I reach your seasoned maturity so I can fly as you seem to be. Heck, I hope I reach that age (??) lol.
Congratulations to you !
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