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Hi Guys,

After such an overwhelming response to my Flight sim question, I thought I would ask another.

Most of the flight sims on the market do not come with a USB type TX. This is a problem for me as none of my transmitters have a trainer port to plug in the accessory cable.

However, I did come across this....

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Anyone had any exposure? Is it worth looking at?



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Very easy to make any TX into a Simulator box. Simply take a lead from PPM output and second lead from ground (battery negative lead) and inset a mono jack socket in convenient location on TX. Much reference under "Buddy Boxes. Servo Leads. Flight Simulator & Interface." and under "Radio Systems, Accessories, Alterations and FAQ" on my web page email me for .jpg of installations if unable to locate. best USB interlink cable found to date = Hitec USB Flight Sim Interface (for Hitec Futaba JR & Zebra TX) + FMS

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Al the big ones use a box of tricks to link to your tx. They usually won't worth without there particular dongle connected.

Thats not to say it won't work, but generally without the dongle you won't get much response.

Something like FMS WILL work fine

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