RDRC Fly-For-Tots donation & wrapup...

Fly-For_Tots wrap-up...
This past Wednesday night, October 25, we invited 'Smiles for Little
Faces' (a Make-a-Wish group) to our club meeting. A check for $10,000
(!!) was presented to them, and was the proceeds from our September
2-day Fly-For-Tots Fly-in and Huckfest event. It was a goal we set, and
didn't think we had a chance in making...but thanks to all the support
from everyone, it was achieved!
You can see the event unfold in the "- Sponsor ThankYou!" link in the
[Event Stuff] section of the LH menu on our website at
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If you haven't done it yet, be sure to check out the slideshow in that
same section called "- Fly-For-Tots Pics", and scroll down to the [Club
Stuff] section of the menu and look at the October newsletter.
134 registered pilots, HUNDREDS of aircraft, folks from all over the
east coast and beyond, HUGE industry support, etc. T'was the largest
event in North Carolina, and already has folks slated to demo at the
'07 Event!
Thanks again to everyone, and this forum, for helping us make it
AMA 119484
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It's a term that's a popped up in these parts that basically means 'loads of 3D flying'. I saw on one of the forums (Flying Giants I think...) that "Hucking" was the art of throwing your airplane at the ground, and missing , hehehehehehehehe...
Hope that helps! Dave; AMA 119484
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