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I always thought they were the same thing...just different names.

Our club held a Fun-Fly a couple of Sunday's ago. I decided to go since I > haven't been to one in years. When I arrived the few members that were present > were holding "contests". I didn't say anything and participated in the > contests. But, I thought a Fun-Fly was held so members could bring their > planes, fly around and have fun. I was told that was a Fly-In. I always thought > a Fly-In was an event where you invited other clubs and had a day of showing > off your planes. Am I wrong? > > Don
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A "Fun Fly" is a friendly competition in "unusual events" at the field (which may or may not even include a model airplane ;-) Usually culminates in an award ceremony (tho' even that may result in a bunch of gag gifts being handed out).

A "Fly In' is a friendly, even more informal get together of pilots and planes, usually sans competition (tho' "beauty contests" may be included)...


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I get the impression that a "Fun Fly" involves contests and other clubs/flyers may or may not be invited; and a "Fly In" is just one or more clubs and other flyers getting together to fly, talk, and show off their planes and other 'toys'..

Our Fun Fly was June 28. We sent invitations to all clubs within 50 or 100 miles and had several flyers from other clubs.

We had a $5 entry fee for pilots. We provided burgers, hot dogs, chips, cookies, etc to pilots and guests.

We had a donation jar for guests, if they wanted to help offset the cost of the food, but donations were not required to have lunch.

We had two contests. A timed ground event where we popped balloons with our planes. A flying event where we guessed how long it would take to start, take off, loop, roll, land. You could be over or under your guess and it didn't matter if you guessed 30 seconds or 5 minutes as long as your total time was close to the guess.

We did not have elaborate or expensive prizes because we wanted to keep the "fun" as the main focus. The overall winner received 2 gallons of glow fuel. The next 10 finishers received 1 gallon of fuel. We originally planned to just give away 2 gallons to the winner and 1 each to second and third, but we got a great discount on 6 gallons of fuel from a local hobby shop, and they donated the second 6 gallons.

They also donated a profile airplane kit that we raffled off.

The hobby shop is Mickey's A-1 Hobby in Mesquite Texas. The support they showed our event is great. They are really good people; if you're in the Dallas area, you should check them out. They are not a huge store and they cannot match the mail order companies on everything, but, if you need/want it now, they just might have it.



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Cudos to Mickey's! and congrats on getting your members out to participate!

MY club had our MONTHLY Club Fly-in and we had a better than average turn-out...wind notwithstanding.....

No prizes, just free food!

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Bob Severance

Typically, a "Fly-In" is where you invite others and simply fly your planes. No events, very relaxed. A "Fun Fly" is a contest, which can be relaxed or serious competition. "Fun Fly" is a recognized AMA event. Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"

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