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Thanks for the advice. I tried serching the internet for a dealer in Norway.(I forgot to mention that I live there) But no place to buy that stuff here.. Only thing I found was professional companies using it as industrial paints, but I bet they don't come in half-pints. Hehe.. Anything else that comes close?
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Stefan Pettersen
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Hi, I bought a Master Caddy and I was wondering what paint you would > choose
> for the box. I want it to have a shiny surface, very smooth, almost like
> car paint and of coure fuel resistant.
> Any ideas?
> Stefan Pettersen
Use Klass Kote Epoxy. Any color you may want, any gloss
you may care for. Long lasting and especially sharp if clear
gloss is used over any decals or graphics.
Darn good stuff!.
(This isn't a commercial either!)
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Harry Kolomyjec
I used Walnut stain and then slobber coated it with several coats of oil based polyurethane. That was in 1990. Still holding up great to this day.
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger

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