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I went to my local art supply store, but they didn't have Sculptamold. They did have Celluclay in 5 lb bags, though. Nearly bought it, but for $20 I held off. Can anyone familiar with the relative advantages/disadvantages of each post their thoughts?



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They are both paper mache mixes using ground paper instead of the traditional strips. Overall I never liked either one as they are neither as strong or able to take fine detail as plaster is.


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Hi, C --

I've never used Celluclay, but have used a lot of Sculptamold. Sculptamold can neither be used to sculpt, nor to mold... so who picked THAT name?

I use plaster-soaked paper towels over crumpled newspaper for my scenery base, and use a lot of Sculptamold to smooth things out, to fill in the too-angular valleys, and to add ground undulations when things look too flat. A little bag goes a long way.

But there's no way you're ever gonna carve anything in it. It dries sort of like plastery cardboard.

-Gerry Leone

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Sculptamold is great stuff... but as Gerry said... it isn't actually used for molding Think of it as a "modeling mud"... apply it over a plaster gauze strip base to add contours... the next step is to "press-into-place" rock castings BEFORE the stuff dries... using the Sculptamold to surround and blend the rock castings into the surface of the contour that you are creating. I rely on the stuff and use it all over my layout... absolutely a "must-have" in my modeling world. It takes a long time to dry, so don't apply any color to it for several days.

Art Fahie Niagara & Pearl Creek R.R.

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Art Fahie

IMO, Celluclay and Sculptamold are best used to create undulating ground and for patching small open areas/cracks where plaster just won't work as well or at all. Neither are soupy and both have a long working time. You can also combine both and make a stronger/reinforced mixture using the following "secret formula" found on page 73 of 6 HO RRs You can Build:

1 cup Sculptamold 1 cup Celluclay 1 / 3 cup white glue Mix and apply approximately 1/8" thick with an artist's pallette knife.


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Mark Z.

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