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a recommendation on which trainer
>to get? .40, .46, .61? Large, medium, small? I'm on a budget
Welcome to the hobby. There is a learning curve and lessons definitely help.
There will be lots of opinions because there are a number of variables to
consider. Building it yourself, assembling an ARF, buying a almost completely
ready to fly trainer, buyinf a used set up, etc.
A combo I like is in the .46 range and a Sig LT 40. Good size, good flyer. Size
is a relative matter, depending on $'s and what size transport and storage
facilities you have. A larger kit that is top notch is a Bruce Trarpe Flying
King. A very versitile trainer fairly tough and as ugly as you could possibly
ask for is Stick Plus 40 from Balsa USA. Good luck, let us all know what you
get and how it goes for you. Andy
We can make a box of wood.....FLY!!
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All 40 size trainers are basically the same. Get an ARF. Don't build.
OS46fx for the engine. Spend the extra 20 bucks for reliability.
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I'm relatively new too, and I definately don't regret buying an ARF. You don't have the same emotionaly attachment working on your already frayed nerves when you're trying to fly. I got a Tower Trainer 60, which flies great. Most people get a .40 sized trainer. Seems to be the concensus for best size. The 60 is a hog and a pain to move around but I still like it. Plus I can haul up guinea pig skydivers and such.
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I am new to the hobby also. I have 8 flights with a superstar select. I had no instructor to teach me, just realflight g2. The plane has been flying very well despite some hard landings and hitting a light pole. I think my next plane will be the Avistar. Good Luck..
"Clayt>> I'm a new RC Gas pilot and would like a recommendation on which
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