Re: OS 91 4 stroke problem

Instead of mounting it perfectly vertical, I have always either had it at 90
degrees (to the side)
or 45 degrees from perfectly inverted. This has always prevented the situation
you discuss and
alleviates the worries of the tank fuel height.
Hi all,
>I have an OS 91 4 stroke that I mounted inverted in a Spitfire. If I lean
>the engine down so that it will run, it runs very hot (too hot). If I turn
>the needle valve out, even a couple of clicks, the engine will die. I think
>it dies because the fuel is flooding the glow plug. If I leave the glow
>igniter on, it will keep running on the rich setting but it stalls the
>second I remove it. Is this normal? What can I do?
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If you can't solve the problem, may have to use an onboard glow driver.
John VB
90 degrees (to the side)
situation you discuss and
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What glow plug are your running? Try an OS type F. Had same problem with my Satio 120 till I went to an 'F' plug. Runs fine now. Mike N940AM ---------------------------------------------------
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