Saito 100 in U Can do

Have a Saito 100 in U Can Do, it flies great but when I do hovering for more
than 30 to 45 seconds I lose engine power to the point that I have to stop
hovering or I won't have enough power to pull out anymore. I think the
engine is getting too warm, I have richened the high speed needle and will
open the cowl more although it is fairly open, just wondering if this is a
normal problem?
I am using exhaust pressure and a 15 X 4 prop. and 15% nitro fuel, the plane
will climb out of sight if the throttle is open I only lose power in hover
but I would like to be able to hover for a longer period of time.
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two questions come to mind
1: How far aft of the engine is the fuel tank?
keep in mind that "normal" muffler pressure ASSumes a "normal" fuel tank position, which is centerline of the tank nearly at the same height as the spray bar in the carb.
climbing OOS with the throttle WFO is going to produce higher muffler pressure, and, should take significantly less than 30 seconds to accomplish.
2: Why would you even WANT to hover for that length of time?
In the first place, it is Boooooorrrrrriiiiiiinnnnng both to watch and to do. The hover makes a nice transitional move between other maneuvers, and gives you time to relax for a few seconds, but just hanging on the prop for an indefinite (long) period of time seems like a waste of fuel and airspace.
YMMV bob
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Bob Cowell
I can get the engine plenty rich so I don't think that is the problem, I was surprised that the apparent cooling problem has show up, I had not herad of others having that problem.
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Well... maybe it's losing power because it's overheating and overheating because it's running too lean and running too lean because it needs a fuel pump
Standard disclaimers: I have nothing financial to gain by suggesting this manufacturer :-) LeeH
Flierbk wrote:
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