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I looked on Tower Hobbies website in their scratch and dent section. They have the Big stick 60 wing set there for $33, normally priced $54. Unfortunatetly the right wing is missing. Now wouldn't you think if half the product is missing it would be half the cost.

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Normen Strobel
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Theis S & D is a joke. Not only are the prices WAY too much for the items, but you have to be a member of their super saver club to even buy most items. I have not found enough stuff on the S & D to justify it. Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"

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Ever notice that the "normal price" is a suggested retail rather than the catalog? Sometimes, damaged merchandise actually costs more than it can be bought new from the catalog. That said, I have occasionally picked up a bargain or two.

Jim - AMA 501383

Normen Strobel wrote:

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James D Jones

Didn't I say the same thing a few months back? I saw some ARFs in there with the wings, hardware and tail feathers missing and the fuselage damaged for 50% of the retail price!

Of course, if you just dinged up your bird, you may not have any other choice!

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Paul McIntosh

There seems to be no rhyme or good reason for how the stuff is priced! Several months ago, I snagged an Avistar Select Monokote (this is with the OS 40LA and Futaba 4VF radio system) for the meager sum of $112 !! The description said "minor wing damage". So I expected some holed covering, maybe a busted rib or two. When I got it, I had to look twice at the wing panels to find the 'damage'. I sold the OS, so I got a 4VF and a plane for $70 !!

I also got a Kyosho Nexus 30 ARF w/ OS32SX for $250 (265 - 15 coupon) a couple of years ago. Box was really mangled, but heli was OK.

What ticks me off is that they are listing all the new stuff 'members only' for their buying club. I sent them a 'nasty-gram' when they did it, but seems not to have fazed them. I notice that the list is WAY larger now than it ever was before !


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David AMA40795 / KC5UH


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