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Just to follow up - we have had `issues' on our club with the Jeti

4 - the `plus' might be better.

I guess we are asking a lot for a mini Rx to operate in an electrically noisy environment.

Certainly my much older Micron (home built) and Fleet Rx's would twitch now and again - but never to the extent of loss of control.

I have just bought an 8 channel Schulze - £42 - we shall see.


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Yes. I fly solo, and my problems are from out of band interference - The Jeti copes well with that.

I think the schulze is probably as good as it gets for flying in mixed company.

But the weight...the weight...

Good allegedly.

Ive got to futabas micros, two jetis, a futaba feather, am expecting a hitec feather, and another JETI.

None are glitch free. All are good enough tho for short range work.

Have yet to truy a schulze, or GWS.

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