U.S. Navy 'Top Gun' Pilot Questions 9/11

U.S. Navy 'Top Gun' pilot, Commander Ralph Kolstad, started
questioning the official account of 9/11 within days of the event. It
just didn't make any sense to me, he said. And now 6 years after 9/11
he says, When one starts using his own mind, and not what one was
told, there is very little to believe in the official story.
Now retired, Commander Kolstad was a top-rated fighter pilot during
his 20-year Navy career. Early in his career, he was accorded the
honor of being selected to participate in the Navy's Top Gun' air
combat school, officially known as the U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons
School. The Tom Cruise movie, Top Gun reflects the experience of the
young Navy pilots at the school. Eleven years later, Commander Kolstad
was further honored by being selected to become a Top Gun' adversary
instructor. While in the Navy, he flew F-4 Phantoms, A-4 Skyhawks, and
F-14 Tomcats and completed 250 aircraft carrier landings.
Commander Kolstad had a second career after his 20 years of Navy
active and reserve service and served as a commercial airline pilot
for 27 years, flying for American Airlines and other domestic and
international careers. He flew Boeing 727, 757 and 767, McDonnell
Douglas MD-80, and Fokker F-100 airliners. He has flown a total of
over 23,000 hours in his career.
Commander Kolstad is especially critical of the account of American
Airlines Flight 77 that allegedly crashed into the Pentagon. He says,
At the Pentagon, the pilot of the Boeing 757 did quite a feat of
flying. I have 6,000 hours of flight time in Boeing 757's and 767's
and I could not have flown it the way the flight path was described.
Commander Kolstad adds, I was also a Navy fighter pilot and Air Combat
Instructor and have experience flying low altitude, high speed
aircraft. I could not have done what these beginners did. Something
stinks to high heaven!'
He points to the physical evidence at the Pentagon impact site and
asks in exasperation, Where is the damage to the wall of the Pentagon
from the wings' Where are the big pieces that always break away in an
accident' Where is all the luggage' Where are the miles and miles of
wire, cable, and lines that are part and parcel of any large aircraft'
Where are the steel engine parts' Where is the steel landing gear'
Where is the tail section that would have broken into large pieces'?
But no major element of the official account of 9/11 is spared from
Commander Kolstad's criticism. Regarding the alleged impact site of
United Airlines Flight 93 near Shanksville, PA, he asks, Where is any
of the wreckage' Of all the pictures I have seen, there is only a
hole! Where is any piece of a crashed airplane' Why was the area
cordoned off, and no inspection allowed by the normal accident
personnel' Where is any evidence at all'?
Commander Kolstad also questions many aspects of the attack on the
World Trade Center. How could a steel and concrete building collapse
after being hit by a Boeing 767' Didn't the engineers design it to
withstand a direct hit from a Boeing 707, approximately the same size
and weight of the 767' The evidence just doesn't add up."
"Why did the second building collapse before the first one, which had
been burning for 20 minutes longer after a direct hit, especially when
the second one hit was just a glancing blow' If the fire was so hot,
then why were people looking out the windows and in the destroyed
areas' Why have so many members of the New York Fire Department
reported seeing or hearing many explosions' before the buildings
Commander Kolstad summarized his frustration with the investigation
and disbelief of the official account of 9/11, If one were to act as
an accident investigator, one would look at the evidence, and then
construct a plausible scenario as to what led to the accident. In this
case, we were told the story and then the evidence was built to
support the story. What happened to any intelligent investigation'
Every question leads to another question that has not been answered by
anyone in authority. This is just the beginning as to why I don't
believe the official story' and why I want the truth to be told.?
Commander Kolstad is just one of the many military and commercial
pilots who have publicly expressed serious concerns about the official
account of 9/11. Statements from more than 30 other pilots are
available at
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Find out watch Alex Jones's Terrorstorm
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I'm sure videos of the jets hitting the towers was filmed in the same studio they faked the moon landings in. I'm sure I saw some moonbats in there somewhere....
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Whoever does not understand that, has no grasp of how the building's load paths worked, or how the laws of physics work.
Either that, or they prefer to ignore the facts, because it fits into their vision of the world, better.
I suspect that it is a good bit of the first with a whole lot more of the second.
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The message from "Jim" contains these words:
Unlike many European structures the towers relied on the outer part of the structure to take the loads and once this was compromised the integrity of the whole structure was lost, a good example is the tower at Mont Pennass(sp) in Paris which was constructed in the early/mid 70's with a steel re-enforced concrete core column containing the lift shafts etc which if hit in the same way as the Trade Centre would in all probability stay upright. I was in this tower last week and the lift travels from ground level to 700 feet in 30 seconds flat then you can get out and walk up to the Heli-pad at a hight of 725 feet with an unobstructed view of all of Paris, it is open to the public and the Heli-pad is on a level with the top of the Eiffel Tower because the Mont stands on higher ground,
regards, Terry
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Terence Lynock (MSW)
I'm not much of a "conspiracy theory" kind of guy, but I must say I definitely noticed a lack of aircraft debris at the Pentagon, where the damage was very localized. It looked more like a cruise missile hit it. I'm not saying that's what I believe happened. I'm just thinking about all the photos I've seen in the news over the years of jetliner crashes. There ususually IS a huge chunk of the tail left in one piece. Not always, though. Didn't one go down at a high rate of speed in a big swamp in Florida and get completely reduced to little bits?
I will add that I don't have much faith in the honesty of our government.
Stay sharp, desmobob
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Robert Scott
I'm not usually a conspiracy type either, but I still have doubts about the "official" stories of the deaths of JFK, Martin Luther King, and Marilyn Monroe. Yet having seen the video of Bush's reaction when he was told about the World Trade center, I find it hard to believe that he knew in advance - he's just not that good an actor. As for the lack of debris at the Pentagon, I understand that a lot of it followed the fuselage into the building.
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On the other hand..... Newton might have been in on the conspiracy.
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You mean the ValueJet DC-9?? aka Alligator value meal deal
Dug a hole in solid limestone under the Florida swamp and sucked most of it into the hole.
Human bodies and airplanes aren't so pretty after a high speed impact into most anything. Real unpretty if you ever have had to clean up one.
Robert Scott wrote:
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Hugh Prescott

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