undercrart on a Me210

I have a half-decent plan for a Me210A-1 which I would like to build
later on this year but it really needs retracts and this is where I have
the problem, the Me210 doesnt have space for a straight-forward
undercarriage and as the leg swings backwards up into the wing the wheel
turns through 90 degrees to lay flat under the rear nacelle, just
wondering how I get around this as the aircraft just wouldnt look the
same with the wheels down,
regards, Terry
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Terence Lynock (MSW)
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It's probably not the answer you want to hear, but why not use a dolly to take off from and belly-land it ?
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The message from Boo contains these words:
Hi Boo, that is the last option on the list at present but may be the only way, spent two hours examining the Me 410 at Cosford and even with the real thing in front of me I couldnt figure out how to get around the problem, looks like some long sessions with bits of wood elastic bands and other stuff and a lot of head scratching to figure out arcs angles and other such nice things well lubricated by a glass or two of good stuff.....
One item I did come across in my mianderings was a company called Kavan that many may already know of, they do a nice little hard plastic rack and pinion assembly with one push-pull rack connected to a gear that works two more racks at 90 degrees to the first and both of these racks run in and out together, ideal for flap operation or small undercarts etc I would have thought - type 'Kavan' into Google and you should find it then type 'rack and pinion' into the site search,
regards, Terry
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Terence Lynock (MSW)
It's similar to the F4U Corsair landing gear. Swing back with a 90 deg twist. Most serious landing gear manufacturers make gear for the Corsair. Robart and Century Jet should have sets in various sizes.
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Fritz the cat

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