Updating Goldberg Electra motor and batteries?

I have one of the early Goldberg Electra sailplanes. After sitting
unfinished in the basement for about 15 years I have finally decided to try
to finish it out, and need to update the electrics.
It has the original "05" type direct drive motor and was meant to be powered
by 6 x 1200 mAh Nicads.
What would be a good ESC to use with this motor and a 6 cell Nicad/Nimh
Any other suggestions as to what other battery configurations would work
well with the original motor?
Sorry for such basic questions, but I've never tried electric before.
Mark D. Fain
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Mark D. Fain
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8X 1700 NiMh and 8x4.5 folder woill net you lots more power and duration.
If possible gear it 3:1 or so, fit 3s 4000mA/h LIPOS and a 12x8 folder and watch it go straight up...
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The Natural Philosopher
IMHO, the SES45ADS Ultra Smart ESC now leads the field for a 5 - 10 cell for upto mid range aircraft and Helicopters.
SES-45ADS : new technology light weight small [1.4 X .83 X .47 inch = 36 X 21 X 12 mm] Features: BEC, Fail Safe, Lost Model Alarm, Transmitter recognition, programmable low voltage alarm/cut off yet handles 200A peak yet stays cool without heat sinks - at aprox US$45.00 this has to best value seen here to date. see specs at =
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This has proved better than the venerable Hitec SP1801, Futaba MCNR and Kontronik Easy amongst others now obsolete in my shed. See also Electric flight and Electronics on my Web Site for other brands and D.I.Y. ESC.
regards Alan T. Alan's Hobby, Model & RC Web Links
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If you havent made the mounts for the motor yet, opt for the geared motor setup and get a Master Airscrew 3:1 gearbox and 12X8 folding prop. I use 6X2400mAh packs on mine and one of those Hitec on/off BEC units. Figured you are either climbing or gliding so a throttle is kinda moot.
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Fubar of The HillPeople
Roger that. When I put a geared Astro Cobalt "05" and a MA 12x8 folder, my Electra came alive and then some!
Texas Pete
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Pete Kerezman

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