Virtual Access?

Sorry for posting a bit off topic!
I saw some members using VA. My VA 5.51 shows an annoying bug, which I
am unable to cure: - connecting to the net MESSAGE RULES at some
addresses automatically creates a new entry reading
"***New folder created by Mail Rules***
See help://Mail_Rules for details."
Support for VA has ended and I cannot find any newsgroup or forum still
dealing with it. Perhaps somebody knows a remedy or could point to a last
resort, where traditional VA users endured into modern times?
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Otto Braasch
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Try these;
newsgroup Username:vaos Password:vaosforever
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Virtual Access Open Source Project: Summary
Atlantic Coast Software;
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Jim L.
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Using - Virtual Access(OLR), ZAP 4.5, & WinXP Pro w/SP1
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Jim Lilly

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