Which Brushless Motor for F15?

Ive just built a 3DFoamy F15 and the one in the video which seems to
fly OK uses an AXI 2208-34 which is described as follows...
"Suitable for slow and park fly size models up to 500g No of cells
6-10, 3 x Li-Poly - RPM/Volt 1140 - Current Capacity 8A/60s -
Dimensions 27.5 x 26mm - Shaft Di. 3.17mm - Weight 45g"
...now my model weighs 600g (everything except motor) which is more
than the 500g suggested for the AXI.
I started looking for alternative motors and came across this one...
"Air Power Brushless Outrunner Motor - 300DF Motor
This motor is a 26 g. muscle motor. Drawing between 7 and 8 Amps
continuous, it runs on 2 or 3 lithium polymer cells, and gives 400
grams of thrust, turning a 5 x 3 prop at 21,000. With a 6 x 3 prop or
320 g. of thrust at 13,500 rpm. The motor has a diameter of 25.75 mm.,
a length of 30.5 mm. (including shaft) and a shaft diameter of 2.3 mm.
A prop adapter for 2.3 mm shafts is recommended. With 8:1 gearing (GWS
SPEED 300-D box) and a 9!QUOT! x 5!QUOT! prop, this unit is capable of
providing 625 g. of static thrust. The drive is adaptable to small
ducted fan applications, such as the GWS EDF55. Some enlargement of the
motor housing would be required."
...Now this is lighter and cheaper than the AXI, and if I use the
gearing I should get a 1:1 power to weight ratio?
Am I misunderstanding something?
What motor (and controller) should I buy?
Does anyone know what thrust the AXI would give out - presumably its
less than 500g since you don't need a 1:1 to fly an aircraft?
David Bevan
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David, I fly a 36" wing with the 400DF motor - and I have to say that it goes like a rocket, amazing power for such a small motor on direct drive with 8*1700mAh nicds.
I bought this motor from a US website which has loads of info on these motors, do go and take a look. The postage from the US was only about £3, and I had no problems with customs etc. Go check out:
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- Vinnie (the owner) has put a lot of work into this site and was very helpful when I was trying to pick my way through selecting from a bewildering range of brushless motors for my wing. Some great videos there too. hth, cheers, Dave
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Dave Lane

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