Wing Mfg. P-40/Wood Pack

Hi Has any one lately built any of the Wing Mfg kits..I want to know
if the wood pack is a necesary?? I've built one plane from a short
kit,so I can get my own wood. Not sure excatly what comes in the wood
pack..I'm thinking of building the P-40..Any comment or suggestions
are welcome.I have a GMS 47 looking for home, should be enough for the
Thanks In Advance
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That should be one lively plane!!! Actually a good choice for a first time scale builder or someone interested in speed. All in all, a great flying plane.
The wood pack isn't necessary and you can get the wood cheaper. One thing the pack has going for it is you can't make a mistake and order the wrong (or wrong quantity) of wood.
BTW, if you want more scale, use thicker fuselage wood and round it off more.
-- Paul McIntosh
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Paul McIntosh
I ordered the wood pack once. I could have bought better wood for less dinero.
DanNJ wrote:
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Charles & Peggy Robinson

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