Anyone built any Anigrand kits?

Hey all!

Subject header says it all, really. I'm looking around to see if anyone has personal experience with their resin kits. I have to say that the pictures of the kits OOB and built up look beautiful. And you can't argue with the subject matter. I'm leary of the price, but am not going to argue if it's a quality product. I'm mostly interested in their 1/72 subjects. The bigger transports and the smaller never produced a/c.

And no, I'm not arguing a high price for limited run resin stuff. :) I just don't want to pay $$$ for a piece of resin shaped like a pancake. :)

Any and all assistance is helpful!

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I built the Douglas Skystreak a few years ago. From what I remember, it had good fit and fine engraving. Worth the cost if you have the cash.

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I have built a couple of their kits (mostly Luft '46 till now) and have several more in "the pile" to be worked on next year. I heartily recommend their products.

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The Old Man

Thanx, I never knew these people existed. An F 108 is on the way to me, thanx !!

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