Two partially built kits for sale

Yep, I need to free up some workspace on the table, so here's two
that I am passing along.
Tamiya 1/35th scale Tiger I tank, late production. This one also comes
with the bonus Commander and his crew- 4 people in all. The tank
itself comes with one commander already.
The crew has been assembled 95%, some seams have been filled and
sanded. None have been primed or painted. Sprue with a few hands and
heads still remain.
The Tiger tank is partially built- Lower hull is mostly assembled,
only one exhaust is attached, ONE bogey attached; three more assembled
but not attached. Upper deck is assembled, not attached. Turret is
90% assembled, seam has been filled and sanded. Two drive wheels are
assembled, not attached. Maybe 2 dozen links are glued together; all
other bogeys and track links have not been touched.
IN addition, Tamiya 1/35th scale German Tank Crew At Rest. Yes, I
know, crew plus a crew etc.... All men are assembled, seams have been
filled and mostly sanded. Three primed and partially painted (I
hand-painted the flat black suit jackets). Sprues with holsters,
binoc's, birds (!!) still present.
$20 for the whole set, but I'll split them up too. Make an offer!
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